Mit Livs Eventyr

A modern interpretation of Hans Christian Andersens life depicted through the following

  • Attracion Shadow Theater Group (Hungarian World renowned theater group)
  • Original, classic-orchestrated and electronic versions of Pink Floyd’s music
  • Modern dance (choreography: Christina Dyekjær)
  • Ballet Pas des Deux Fenella Cook (Scotland) & Giuseppe Salmone (Italy) Tivoli Ballet (Cph) 
  • Choral singing by Emmaus Odense Gospel Choir
  • CGI
  • Acting Mads Nørby
  • Saxophone Andreas Bøttiger 
  • Light design
  • Special FX’s

The story is based on the events below, which we believe have had the utmost importance for the development of HCA as both a human and a poet.

  • HCA’s birth and childhood in Odense (1805)
  • Latin School in Slagelse (1822)
  • Encountering Riborg in Faaborg (1830)
  • The formation journey to Italy (1833)
  • The nomination for honorary citizen in Odense (1867)

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