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Men Without Ties Productions

Is a danish show production company with several decades of experience in branding International companys all over Europe through unique storytelling and visualization.


Our shared passion for storytelling has brought us back together again and we look forward to create new stories in a world with a growing demand for real life experiences.

The Trademarks

• We make a virtue of always thinking in the whole picture.
• We have ’hands on’ all creative procceses all the way from choreography & stage design to programming media/lights & content creation.
• We tell stories without words.

The Duo

For decades Michael and Kim have worked with developing, exposing and projecting sensory ideas on a large scale. They have been the creative brains behind a number of large shows, both at home and abroad, where they have worked with the form, the light, the music, the dance and the pictures – and in that way challenged all of the human senses in their creations.  Michael and Kims past within respectively: Event marketing and show, music and theater, as well as their shared passion for creating and telling “The good story”, enables the team to mix all genres and instruments and thereby create amazing total theater experiences for your audience.

Michael Lund

Kim Dahl

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Another Brick in the Wall by Pink FloydA remake by DJ Thorlife feat. Andreas Bøttiger on saxophone.The track was produced for the show Mit Livs Eventyr by Mænd Uden Slips.[…]

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MLE Review (Danish)

https://fyens.dk/artikel/absolut-v%C3%A6rd-at-se-h-c-andersen-festivals-store-show-i-munke-mose-st%C3%A5r-knivskarpt-og-er-let-at-kapere Behind the stage (Danish) https://fyens.dk/artikel/h-c-andersen-er-tre-meter-høj-og-kan-danse-ballet-tre-meter-høj-stylteprinsesse-kom-bag-facaden-på-det-store-hca-show-i-munke-mose-du-kan-nå-at-opleve-det-selv

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